İSTİB Quality Policy

Our primary duty as Istanbul Commodity Exchange, is to find solutions for purchases and sales of the materials quoted on the exchange to be secure and safe and to share the prices that formed under these conditions, fast and accurately with statistics.

We aim to realize our role of strengthening commercial and social ties between our members with social work approach; by following these basic principles:

To provide a member satisfaction oriented, active and modern service

To provide a service with impartial, transparent, honest and solution-oriented approach

To continuously improve our quality of service

To ensure the continuity of personal and professional development of our employees

Human Resources Branch Policy

To carry out activities related to the employee's personnel operations in accordance with the law and regulations no. 5174, to implement an orientation program to the newly hired staff to facilitate the adaptation for work, to organize in-house and external trainings in order to provide personal and professional development of our employees and our members, taking into account the suggestions and expectations of our employees to improve employee satisfaction, to provide information to senior management continually by monitoring the performance of our employees in order to increase their motivation and productivity, to provide scholarships to students in need in accordance with the senior management’s budget available and with our scholarships regulations, to provide a chance to do internship in the Exchange to the students that study in Turkey, to ensure continuous development and improvement by reviewing all the applications according to the today’s conditions.

Financial Affairs Policy

To make sure that the services are carried out in a safe and reliable manner in accordance with the principles of saving by recording the Exchange accounting within the frame of relative regulations, legislations and statutes.

Information Processing Policy

Information processing policy of Istanbul Commodity Exchange is to give a world class service to their members by following the sectorial developments in the exchange operations and technological innovations with its strong corporate infrastructure, to facilitate the professional activities of its members , to use quality as a guideline to its service mentality, steady growth of Istanbul Commodity Exchange in order to provide institutional development and to reach an international identity on its field and to raise the level of quality in accordance of developing technologies.

Press Release and Public Relations Policy

While speaking as an establishment for the economic actors that are operating in agricultural products, food, livestock and the food industry sectors in the locomotive of Turkey's economy, Istanbul, to ensure effective and rapid transmission of information to the relevant sector from institution-based activities.

Member Relations Policy

Istanbul Commodity Exchange “Member Relations Policy” is a member satisfaction oriented policy that is reliable, transparent, impartial, eligible to KYS and TOBB accreditation systems, solution-oriented, respectful to the privacy of the members, topical, innovative and provides quality service as an establishment in accordance of our vision, mission and strategic plan and offer the best service by based on these principles by providing effective evaluation of member complaints and suggestions.