Presidency and General Secretarial Division

The secretariat of the works related to the Stock Exchange Assembly and the Board of Directors conducts the registration and transmission of incoming and outgoing documents.

Research Project and Business Development Division

The Research Project and Development Branch follows the domestic and foreign legislation and economic developments in the agriculture and food sector, especially the products subject to the registration of the stock market, and the statistics of their products. In addition, it provides the relationships between domestic and foreign Stock Exchanges. In the stock market, public institutions, civil society organizations and with other Stock Exchanges will be held jointly and provide information that will allow infrastructure projects to be developed, especially small and medium-sized companies that are members of the stock exchange, informs the members or our staff about the opportunities to benefit from business development or establishment.

Press and Public Relations Division

Press and Public Relations Directorate, written by institution activity, oral, Visual and electronic documents and periodicals, websites, social media, local press, conducts the shared members and the public at things through the local media

Information Processing and Statistics Division

It conducts information processing activities. Information Exchange under the trading activity of our computer software, hardware, and system failures are responsible for providing security.

Livestock and Meat Division

Cattle and small cattle animals can be brought to the Livestock and Meat Branches facilities in Tuzla- Aydınlıköy by our growers 24 hours a day. Incoming animals are placed in animal paddocks by our members and sold for three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The animals are weighed on electronic scales held for trading and registration procedures are done in the same day. The prices determined after registration are published in daily, weekly, monthly and annual bulletins. Our Livestock and Meat Branches facilities have been established on 132 acres of land and have a closed area of 25 acres. The cattle capacity is 1,500 units and the small cattle capacity is 15.000 units. Live Animal and Meat Branches are licensed animal markets; The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock operates according to the Regulation on the Regulation and Principles of Licensing and Supervision of Animal Places published in the Official Gazette dated December 24, 2011 and published in the Official Gazette No. 5996 on Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law.

Law Division

Provides counseling on legal issues of the stock exchange. The Assembly, the Board of Directors and the General Secretariat will give their opinion on the legal issues and will be ready to comment. Disputes, lawsuits, and enforcement proceedings are followed. It arranges contracts and reports opinions. It follows the official Gazette and notifies the related units. In the commercial disputes of the members, the execution of the arbitration system is executes.

Human Resources Quality and Education Division

In accordance with the Laws and Regulations (5174), it executes the activities related to employee personal transactions and organizes internal and external training to ensure the personal and professional development of our employees and our members. The scholarship is given to the students who are in need according to the top management of our exchange and the Board of Directors decision in line with the budget and the Scholarship Directive. Allows our students who are studying in Turkey to do probation in our Stock Exchange, all of our applications by observing the conditions of the day to provide continuous development and improvement

Laboratory Division

Our laboratory provides physical and chemical analyzes of foodstuffs, including quotations, in accordance with the analysis procedures of TSE, Turkish Food Codex and Stock Commodities in order to provide accurate and reliable results in a short period of time. Member pleasure continues to work on the basis of impartial, confidentiality and honesty principles and constantly making improvements in line with member needs.

Financial Affairs Division

Conduct studies on the preparation of the stock exchange budget. The stock market incomes are accrued and collected and the expenditures are made according to the provisions of budget and legislation. Prepare the Monthly trial, balance sheet and income-expense table with the final account will be issued. Members of the stock exchange dues, money hike, registration fee etc. Accrual and collection works. It is the responsibility of the stock exchange to follow all kinds of receivables and fulfill its debt and financial obligations on time.

Professional Committees Division

Execution of the meetings of the Vocational Committees Department, Exchange Committees of Profession and Discipline Committee by following the decisions and results of the organizing, researching member information, registering members, updating member information and deleting member records.

Purchasing and Support Services Division

Provides printing of all kinds of publications prepared with the Maintenance and cleaning of the units, cleaning, dining room and security services of the central building. It prepares meetings, seminars and similar organizations. It provides the supply and coordination of the necessary equipment. It keeps track of the maintenance of the used devices and informs the services about the malfunctions.

Registration and Control Division

Performs activities related to the purchase, sale and the determination, registration and announcement of the prices of the goods included in the exchange. It handles the printing of the daily, weekly, monthly and annual price bulletins for all the commodities traded in our stock exchange and the procedures related to the declaration.