The samples taken for laboratory analysis are processed in two different classes, physical and chemical according to the type of analysis to be performed.

CHEMICAL ANALYSES: On Chemical Analyses, digital precision balances, soxhlet extraction device, muffle furnace, drying oven, water bath, electric heaters, protein distillation apparatus, grinder mixer, burets, various glassware and coolers are being used.

PHYSICAL ANALYSES: On Physical Analyses, scale, refractometer, mill, hectolitre apparatus, and various sieves are being used.

Analyzes such as, determination of fat quantitation, protein, cellulose, ash, silica, determination of dry gluten, acidity, salt, determination of melting point, peroxide number, saponification number, iodine number, substances that don’t melt in alcohol, quantity of unsaponifiable matter are carried out here.

Analyses like humidity, foreign matter, hectolitre, cereals pulses and oily seeds , broken seed, spoilt seed, other foreign cereals, live or dead bugs, calibration, sieve residue, refractive index, determination of melting point, determination of volatile substance, specific weight can be done.

The calibration of our devices are being made periodically.